CB 0100-16
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Claybuster 16ga blue wads for 1 oz or 1 1/8oz loads. 500 per bag. CB0100-16 WADS ARE SOLD BUY THE CASE ONLY(5000 PER CASE)



Wad Substitution Chart 
The following chart shows wads designed to perform as replacements for current popular models as
listed in the ensuing data.

BPG/BP, G/BP16, SG16

Federal 12C1: 

Federal 12SO: 
CB2100-12, DR XXL Orange, DR HFO, DR FO, MEC100S4

Federal 12S3: 
CB2118-12, DRF3, DR HF3, MEC118T8

Hornady Versalite: 

Hornady Versalite: 

Pattern Control Red: 

Remington TGT 12: 
CB8100-12, DR RT 12, DR RHT 12

Remington FIG 8: 
CB8118-12, DR RF8, DR HRF8, CB3118-12A

Remington SP 20: 
Remington SP20S

Winchester WAA12R: 

Winchester WAAF114: 
CB1114-12, DRA 12 Yellow

Winchester WAA12: 
CB1118-12, CB0118-12, WT12, Blue Duster, DRA12, DR XL 1 1/8 Blue,
MEC 118T4, MEC118BIOT4

Winchester WAA12SL: 
CB1100-12, Green Duster, Jammer XL-1, DR XL1 Green, SG-1,
DRA12 Pink, MEC100T4, MEC100BIOT4

Winchester WAA12L: 
CB0178-12, DR XXL Pink, MEC78T4

Winchester WAA12F114: 
CB1114-12, DRA-12 Yellow
Winchester WAA20: 

Winchester WAA28: 
CB1034-28, Red Duster

Winchester WAA28HS: 

Winchester WAA41, WAA410HS, SP410, 410SC: 
CB5050, WAA410HS

Winchester WAA16: 

CB4118-12B, DR WJRPL, SG-12
  • Item #: CB 0100-16
  • Manufacturer: CLAYBUSTER
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: CB-0100-16
  • Condition: New

CB 0100-16

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